One-piece swimsuits

All cute one piece swimsuits for you

Summer is not the only reason to put on the one-piece suit – women aspire to look perfectly all year round! Vacation time or visiting the pool should be beautified with the wonderful 1-piece swimsuit that ideally suits your attractive figure. BLUEBIRDSAPPAREL invites all pretty ladies to choose the most necessary summer base note – a suitable one piece swimwear from our catalogue.
Each style of clothes and its cutout has its own peculiarities. Speaking about one-piece bikini models, it is worth noting that they fit like you may never wear clothes again. Moreover, now it is a hot topic trend – self-colored one piece bathing suits with print. Why not to combine all in one – to feel comfortably on the beach and look sassy?

All women are fabulous, no matter if we speak about chic with ample curves or the leggy beauty. Find namely YOUR way-out design and feel perfectly on the beach this summer – all pastel and bright colors for you in our catalogue! Our tips will help any girl find her optimal variant for swimming and sunbathing.

One-piece bikini swimsuit – searching for perfect get-up

It is absolutely normal that each of us has own stature and shape. The main task is to highlight all the charms of your beautiful body. Take a look at the assortment of women’s one piece swimsuits BLUEBIRDSAPPAREL shop offers:

  1. Models with the classical straps – are winning pieces of vacation wardrobe. With print or without it; bright ones or of pastel color – it is high time to decide. Stop your choice on the trend of this and following seasons!
  2. Long-sleeves 1-piece swimsuits – be ready for any occasion, starting party in a cute body and jeans and finishing in a swimming pool dressed in bikini of vibrant colors! But if we put all jokes aside, this design will be optimal for any stature and can solve the problem of receiving sun burns! Moreover, the high-end functionality is guaranteed – practice yoga or conquer the waves while windsurfing in long-sleeves novelty and feel yourself as a star everywhere!
  3. Items with straps behind the neck – show your sexy shoulder blades and may your back to sunbathe. An ideal decision for hot vacation.  Moreover, the privilege of this cutout – it highlights the bust and highlights your waist. For sure such summer clothes will sit well on you, just try!
  4. Monokini – the real gem of our collection that is an odds-on favorite of all babes. These swimwear is a real embodiment of the eternal feminine. Find your best one in the catalogue!

What color to select and why

One more recommendation you really need to take into account. It is possible to underline your unicity and beauty with correct color. For example, blond-haired women will look unbelievable in pink, red and dark-colored bikini. Speaking about brunettes, it is worth noting the perfect match in blue and dark green variants. Red-haired ladies could order a turquoise or pastel-colored swimsuit!

And do not forget about your suntan grade – the darker your skin is, the better white bikini will look at your body! So, come on ladies, one piece swimsuits of your dream are waiting for you!

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