Monokini is a one-piece swimsuit with cutouts on the sides. A wide segment of fabric in the front and sometimes in the back combines the suit into one model. This model is gaining more and more supporters. A variety of styles means that almost every woman will find a suitable version of a monokini swimwear for herself. This model will work not only during sunbathing. You can freely swim in such an outfit.

Why you should choose a monokini one piece swimsuit

Women with a narrow waist will look great in a one piece monokini. An hourglass figure type is also ideal for such a maillot. The shape of the outfit perfectly emphasizes equal proportions. This style is an option for women with small breasts. Monokinis makes the silhouette more elongated and graceful thanks to a wide strip of fabric in front.

The fashion world has fallen in love with this swimwear model. One piece monokini bathing suits often appears in collections of top designers, chain stores and online catalogs. Such a water suit is very practical. It is great for a beach party and makes every woman feel like a queen.

You can wear shorts or a skirt over such a maillot and get a walking kit. You will certainly appreciate its convenience. Monokini women’s one piece swimsuit is also suitable for outdoor activities, such as playing beach volleyball or playing with children. This style leaves complete freedom of movement.

Girls can choose this type of swimsuit if they want to get an original and stylish beach outfit. Beach monokini focuses on the waist and forms a truly female figure. This model of a dress for the beach is perfect for a lady aged 50+. A wide strip of a maillot can hide the flabbiness of the skin on the stomach and visually stretch the silhouette.

Fashionable colors for the maillot

Tropical prints are the most important and most active trend in beach fashion. They add girlish relaxation and make you feel at ease. A bathing suit of this color will help give the whole image a stylish look. Sea stripes are an eternal model in beach fashion, but a bathing suit with white stripes is something not only for lovers of marine life.

This type of outfit is suitable for women who want to emphasize their shape. Horizontal stripes optically accentuate the bust and hips. Choose a black swimsuit and a hat with flowers if you are a fan of fashionable classics and beach elegance. This delicate addition will enliven your beach style.

A monochrome bathing suit will look very stylish. You can visit the monokini shop and pick up a light pareo or a bright bathrobe to the swimsuit. More and more women are choosing this style of clothing for beach parties or relaxing on a yacht. This model looks surprisingly fashionable and bright in combination with accessories and caps. You can buy monokini online at the Bluebirds store.

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