Straps behind the neck one-piece

Square neck one piece swimsuit

A great alternative to a bikini is a one-piece swimsuit, which will look good like ladies with a magnificent figure. A square neck bathing suit is the perfect choice for a beach or pool activities. Such a suit fits tightly to the body and allows you to actively move. The one-piece square neck swimsuit has wide straps that serve as a support. The neckline makes the silhouette visually slimmer and lengthens the legs. The cut of the outfit provides freedom of movement.

Not only plus size ladies can take advantage of this offer. A square neck one piece dress is also a great alternative for active women who prefer to play beach games, run or swim. Bikini is fashionable and sexy but does not give 100% freedom of movement.

A one-piece leotard is a must for women who practice professional swimming. There is no question of any bikini and other forms. The suit should be streamlined to ensure maximum performance. Professional swimming dresses are made of material resistant to chlorine, ultraviolet radiation, loss of color and deformation.

Design of one piece square neck swimsuit

Many women skip a shelf with one-piece swimsuits and try to find a bikini for themselves. There is a myth that whole outfits are boring and tasteless.

Ladies who are engaged in professional swimming can choose only special swimwear for themselves. These outfits have a sporty style and do not differ in an attractive appearance. Designers did everything possible to make this model of a swimming leotard popular among women. A swimsuit square neck allows you to make your shoulders more feminine and adds a slim figure. Your waist will be simply irresistible if you choose a model with a belt.

Silhouette modeling with a bathing suit is possible thanks to the colors. Choose a model with colored stripes or a floral print in the chest area. This will make the bust more magnificent. Distressed hips can be made more attractive with lateral ruffles.

A square neckline can be of different sizes. Models with a small neckline will be comfortable while swimming or playing beach volleyball. Wide straps provide the comfort of movement. The deeper neckline outfits look great in combination with a pareo at a beach party. Such bathing dresses often have additional decorative elements. It can be beads, chains, lightning. The additional decor will make your beach look unforgettable!

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